Speaking test kennenlernen fragen

Speaking test kennenlernen fragen

Speaking-Test: Smalltalk

I live in Affoltern which is a small town near Zürich. Do you like where you live?

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Why not? Yes I like it. It is really speaking test kennenlernen fragen and just five minutes away from buses or any other connection to the city Do you have any hobbies?

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Of course I do. One of my passion is taking pictures Which hobby would you like to spend more time on? Unfortunately I do not have enough time to kleve partnersuche my passion which is pictures.

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What do you like doing at weekend? I am relaxing on weekends. Bekanntschaften zitate do you do in you free time Surfing the internet; I like to watch funny movies on Speaking test kennenlernen fragen and speaking test kennenlernen fragen chat with colleagues Do you like watching sport?

Yes of course. For an example I prefer football and ice hockey but the abroad ice hockey seems to be more interesting for me What kind of company do you work for? I work for a Company that manufactures salt for Switzerland Where do you speaking test kennenlernen fragen lunch during the week?

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I have lunch at the company, mostly sandwiches. Are you allowed to use you mobile phone at work?

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It is allowed to a certain point, however, the executive manger should not see one too often with a speaking test kennenlernen fragen phone. How do you mostly communicate at work?

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Do you use e-mail? What for? We communicate with each other via e-mail, which is fast and safe e.

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Mitglied Should companies always offer car parks for employees? Yes of course, if the companies have enough money. Actually a lot of people have cars so they can start the day relaxed and thus are not under stress, if they are not able to find parking slots. Do you agree that speaking test kennenlernen fragen transport should be cheaper?

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Yes I completely agree In my position not that much Who are you business partners? Our business partner is saline de bex?

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They also produce salt Do you think working for a firm from home is a good idea? No because at home you should can relax and come down and turn of. Macht keinen Sinn.

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Do you think there will be more video conference in the future? Yes, in the past years, the technology boomed same for social medias.

In my opinion the video conference will be the new way to communicate Do you prefer to work on your own or in a team? I prefer to work on my own, I am faster and I can repeat points?

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What do you like about you workplace? I like my workplace the fragrance? What would you change about your workplace? I would install water dispensers for all employees.

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Wow, ich hoffe wirklich, dass du dich in irgend einer Art und Weise bemüht hast, das war beinahe eine Katastrophe. Die Sprache schein dir nicht zu liegen, was? Gib hier deine Frage so detailliert wie möglich ein.