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I make no warranty on the article's accuracy but I have not been able to fault it, except in one instance, which I have marked.

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The author, M. Ross, refers to the Single passenger flying car as having a City Council before it became a city. One puzzling thing about the article is that, although published init makes no mention of the official opening of Durban International Airport then Louis Botha in nor does it mention single passenger flying car tragedy which took place at the airport on the morning of the opening. Perhaps the magazine held onto the article for some time before publication. The article refers to the new airport as Reunion Airport so it must have been named Louis Botha quite late in procedings.

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Allan Jackson - 20 February Ross Part I ALTHOUGH it is only a short time ago, in comparison to the age of the world, that man learnt how to use his superior knowledge to enable him to fly, the idea of single passenger flying car itself is not so young. The first attempts made by man to fly must have been carried out in the fifteenth century for there were many strange and weird machines invented from that time onwards until, and even after, single passenger flying car first successful flight by the Wright brothers.

Most of these inventions were to have been worked by the pilot, to whom numerous ropes for the flapping of the wings were attached. Others employed birds or salls. But none single passenger flying car them worked. Model gliders later became popular and in John Stringfellow fitted a model gilder with a light steam engine which drove two airscrews. This was the first machine to fly under its own power, although many balloons had made ascents before this.

Then, on single passenger flying car seventh of December, the first power machine to fly with a man in control took to the air at Kittyhawk in the hands of Orville Wright, watched anxiously by his brother.

It was only a very short flight but it was a start and with the interest which men had shown in the possibilities of flying in the previous centuries, the development of aviation to its single passenger flying car high standard was hastened.

First Powered Flight in South Africa Soon after the flight of single passenger flying car Wright brothers, the Voisin biplane, an improved version of the plane used by the brothers, was brought out. It was one of this type which was introduced to South Africa by the French aeronaut, M. Albert Kimmerling, in This was the first plane to be seen in South Africa and exhibitions were given by Kimmerl!

Albert Kimmerling's aircraft in East London. Courtesy Coenie Breytenbach. The first exhibition was given in East London on December 25,and the flights made at this exhibition were the first flights ever seen in South Africa. Kimmerling later brought the Voisin biplane to Durban in Arriving in Durban on April 26 he began erecting the plane, preparatory to giving exhibition flights here, and on the next day the following advertisement appeared in the "Natal Mercury": Between the süße typen kennenlernen of 3.

Special train service: Fare, re- turn ticket, Including admission Flag signals will be shown from the old Town Hall. Code as follows: White flag signifies Red flag signifies flight will take place at advertised time. Black flag signifies weather bad, aviation abandoned for the day. On the Thursday preceding the Saturday on which the exhibition was to be given, a trial huk coburg singlehaftpflicht was held at Jacobs. At this trial, the plane was slightly damaged in an accident but repairs were successfully carried out in a few hours singles vienna austria M.

Kimmerling later single passenger flying car that he regarded Durban as the finest place for aviation in South Africa. At the same time he said: There was much doubt in Durban as to mann kennenlernen düsseldorf he would be able to lift his machine from the ground.

Approximately 1, people gathered at Clairmont on the following Saturday afternoon when M.

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Kimmerling made three successful flights, the last of which carried him six miles. He was much elated at his success, calling these three flights his "first single passenger flying car flights in Africa", remarking at the same time that his "flights at Johannesburg were only jumps". On the next day, a Sunday, he made two more successful flights at Clairmont, but this second exhibition was not advertised and only single passenger flying car thousand people gathered there to watch him.

The weather on both days was perfect, a speed of over 20 m. And now for something about his machine.

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It was 35 feet long, had a wingspan of 33 feet and weighed 1, pounds. The propeller was driven by a 55 h. Gnome engine whose cylinders revolved with the propeller on the single passenger flying car shaft at a rate of about l,5OO revolutions per minute.

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Those who had been sceptical before, now asked for another exhibition on the following Saturday. A similar advertisement was put in the "Natal Mercury", but with the following addition: Kimmerling will take up a passenger with him and if the weather is favourable, Mr. Single passenger flying car M. Kimmerling's pupil will make his first ascent unaccompanied by the aviator.

Should weather conditions prevent aviation on Saturday, the flights will be postponed till Sunday, 8th May. On the following Saturday there were strong gusts of wind.

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Although Kimmerling escaped unhurt, his plane was considerably damaged and he left Durban by the Sunday night mail train for Cape Town, en route for France. Soon after Kimmerling's departure, some Durban business men formed themselves into a syndicate called the Durban Aviation Company and purchased the plane from Kimmerling for Horace Barnes to fly in Durban after it had been repaired.

They planned to establish a permanent mathematiker flirten ground at Clairmont, obtain another plane and train pupils. The damage to the plane was not as extensive as was at first thought and it was repaired in a fortnight after being on exhibition in the centre of Durban for a week. Kimmerling returned to Europe where he was killed in testing an aeroplane.

The plane, modelled on the lines of a Farman biplane, had a 30 h. It was advertised that he would give aviation displays at the Greyville Race- Course on July 15, 17, 20 and 22, at 4 p. The entrance fee was five shillings to the grand stand and paddock and half a crown for the public enclosure. The display, scheduled for July 15, was postponed till the following day because of a high wind. The exhibition on the 16th passed without a mishap and was enjoyed by everybody.

The display scheduled for the following day, the 17th, had, once again, to he postponed for a day on account of a high wind. Although Paterson gave a very partnervermittlung bonn beuel display on the 18th It was witnessed single passenger flying car a small crowd only. A new entrance fee of a shilling was therefore introduced for Saturday and Monday and it was also announced that, on the Saturday, there would be a race between Paterson in his plane and two motor cycles.

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On July 20 an enormous crowd gathered inside the race course while about 15, more spectators stood outside to watch the flights. After explaining how the plane worked, as was his custom at all the single passenger flying car, Paterson made several flights and the race with two motor cycles was then held. The race was to be over five and a half miles and the motor cyclists, Mr. Morris on a Rudge-Whitworth and Mr.

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Dove on a Bradbury, were given a good start to yards. Needless to say, the aviator won single passenger flying car. After the single passenger flying car event, a steeplechase single passenger flying car the plane, Mrs. Hollander, the Mayoress at that time, was given a flight.

Paterson then gave flights to Mr. Hawley, a visitor from Cape Town, General Sir Robert Baden-Powell, who had been an honoured spectator in the grand stand, and Miss Watson, a lady who was touring single passenger flying car world.

After this, Paterson received many requests for flights, so arrangements were made to give private flights at an early hour next morning. The flights and display for Monday, however. Single passenger flying car Wednesday, July 24, he held his last exhibition in Durban when he took up two passengers and gave successful flights.

The displays in Durban were not, however, financially successful and had Paterson not been given a guarantee by the Town Council, he would have made a loss on his visit to Durban. Driver in a Bleriot monoplane. A sea plane was brought to Durban by the Royal Navy and Single passenger flying car was thus fully initiated into the then mysterious art of aviation.

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In July, Gerard Hudson. On the afternoon of July 6, a Monday, one of the planes was taken out onto the bay for a trial by Pilot F. He had achieved a height of 50 feet when the plane crashed into the water. One wing was smashed but the pilot was uninjured and the plane was later towed ashore. It was established that the accident was caused by excessive banking required to clear a buoy in making a steep dive. No part of the plane broke in mid-air as was at first believed to be single passenger flying car case, the only damage incurred being due to the wing striking a sand-bank.

A Curtiss model hydroplane was later built for Mr. These hydroplanes were taken over by the Navy on the outbreak of the First World War and it is believed that they had something to do with the finding and sinking of the German cruiser, Koenigsberg, in the Rufiji River in East Africa. Durban's importance in aviation was now single passenger flying car passenger flying car established and this position was strengthened in later years as we shall learn in the following chapters.

Recruiting for R.